We provide a variety of independent investment consulting services to support all stages of the investment process. The solutions we offer can include investment select lists, manager due diligence, board reporting services, and capital market assumptions.

Investment Select Lists
Our investment professionals and portfolio managers can sift through a universe of thousands of investments or a pre-selected universe of funds and portfolio managers to deliver a handpicked list for each asset class, giving advisors the tools they need to implement asset allocation strategies.

Manager Due Diligence
We deliver comprehensive reporting and consultative support to help clients understand and implement the evaluations we provide.

Board Consulting Services
Our Board Consulting Services team helps directors around the world meet today’s mounting fiduciary challenges from start to finish, leading the process through planning meetings to the presentation of the final report. We take a consultative approach at every stage to deliver a comprehensive report that offers directors the most appropriate peer-group comparisons, insight into expenses, and performance analysis for a variety of managed investments.

Risk-Tolerance Questionnaires
Our risk-tolerance questionnaire and scoring system is designed to help identify each investors willingness to accept various levels of risk and capacity to bear risk, ultimately directing investors to appropriate portfolios.